Hi all!

As promised, we started a crowdfunding project to realize a promotion video for our beloved game! Check out the details on

This is what it’s all about:


Enjoy, and spread the word!

Two weeks left

Hi all,

as our crowdfunding video is currently in post-production, there are just two weeks left until the crowdfunding starts. So stay tuned!

Leo Rupin


Hi all!

We are out now.


Have lots of nice games!

first information

Something happens.

Hi there!

Something is happening. Yesterday was a busy day. We will keep our promise and release some footage by the end of this month. Until then, update yourselves with what I am writing about at all.

Have lots of nice games!

out there


After setting up our page, we established more than one way to follow us. We successfully entered FacebookG+ and Twitter. We will appear on Youtube during November. Promised.

Have many good games!


Hi there!

This site is up and online. If you are a Go player, share this page and stay tuned! There will be more information by the end of November.