Shooting, Report

Hi all, and thank you very much!

You provided us with 7,542.94 US-$ (after fees for Indiegogo and PayPal), 1,017.70 € and lots of good advice, and now we put it into action: we shot from May 10 to May 13, and now we have material not only for one, but for four spots!

The car broke down, and now: where to place the smoke-bomb?

Luckily, as a shooting newbie, I had the opportunity to be part of it and have a look behind the scenes. The first problems were already solved before shooting actually started: it was not easy to schedule seven actors to be present at the same weekend, let alone the same day. Strictly speaking, Monday was the only day where all actors were present at the set at the same time. Because of that, our schedule, or shotlist, was very tight. When something took only some mintes longer than planned, our producer Miriam Rixen was already there: “hurry up, we are eight minutes late!”

But we were always able to catch up, despite moving from location to location at least once a day, as we shot in Bonn, Troisdorf, Düsseldorf and Cologne. Every change of location of course meant: disassembling, loading, assembling, … We had two cars just for tech, one for stage props, another for catering (we had not only actors, but a crew of nine to serve).

My personal task was only “Go Game Assembler”, but I lent a helping hand where necessary, of course. We placed props, covered advertisement on the punching bag, and our self-made rain machine needed several persons for setup. There was light to prepare (you know, redheads, 2-kw, soft boxes) using “CTB”, “CTO”, or “frost”, depending on the mood. It is a miracle that there was even time to teach some Go!

A tête-à-tête in the sun.

There is one thing that could have worked out better: while our call for extras was answered indeed (thanks to all who have been there!), it was more than just once that a part of the crew had to sit in the lecture hall or play guests at a café. However, we now have plenty of material, more than we needed. There will be posters and of course some extras for our supporters (as promised). And there will be more pictures, thanks to Dennis Madaus, our unresting “making-of” photographer.

We already look forward to present the spots this summer! Until then, stay tuned!

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