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Sven and Lars

This is a project from Go players to find more Go players. It was initiated by Sven Walther (Paderborn, Germany), who works as a researcher when not playing Go, and Lars Walther (Düsseldorf, Germany), who is always busy both as a filmmaker and an actor.

The primary aim of this project is to create video spots to raise interest in the game of Go. Feel free to use them to promote the game. The project was funded by many supportive Go players.

  • You don’t know Go? Check out Sensei’s Library or Wikipedia.
  • Responsible: Sven Walther, Paderborn, Germany. sven (the name) at ponnuki-paderborn.de (the domain)
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  • The Goban-in-a-reel image is based on N. Rougier’s goban rendering and licensed under the GPL3.
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